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NOC ( Network operation Center)

Minimized downtime and maximized performance of communication networks with the assurance of efficient, reliable and secure operation

A proactive systems monitoring solution that can provide countless monitoring metrics such as:

  • Network utilization levels;
  • The CPU load of a Server;
  • Disk space consumption or the availability of update patches;
  • Interferers on Wireless transmission.

Problem management of an IT, OT and IoT infrastructure is effectively migrated from “reactive action”-problem reported by the customer-to “pro-active action”-signaling a possible problem in an automatic mode by the system.

Avaiable since last year, the NOC service is provided in H24 7/7 mode from the headquarters and manages more than 6,000 remote devices.

NOC Services


The NOC continuously monitors the health of the network, including routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and other critical network devices. It uses automated monitoring tools to detect anomalies, congestion, connectivity losses, and other network problems


In addition to monitoring, the NOC assesses network performance by analyzing metrics such as bandwidth, delay, latency, and throughput. It identifies any performance degradation and takes corrective measures to optimize network performance.


When network anomalies or problems are detected, the NOC activates event response procedures to resolve problems promptly. This may include sending notifications to network administrators, implementing automated countermeasures, or escalating the problem to higher levels of technical support if necessary.


The NOC manages network incidents, such as service interruptions or network device malfunctions, by conducting thorough investigations to identify the root causes of the problem and restoring normal operations as soon as possible.


In addition to responding to events, the NOC performs preventive maintenance activities to ensure the stability and reliability of the network over time. This may include applying security patches, optimizing network configurations, and replacing or upgrading obsolete network devices.


Provides technical support to users and network administrators, resolving network connectivity, configuration, and performance issues. The NOC serves as the central point of contact for all network-related support requests.

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